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Visit Memphis & Sakkara
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You will be picked up in an air-conditioned vehicle from your hotel in Cairo. Accompanied by a guide to the ancient capital city of Memphis the city was founded by the pharaoh Menes, capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom located about 24 kilometers south of Cairo. Though little remains of this pharaonic city, the open air museum here is worth a visit. See the huge fallen image of Ramesses II at the museum. Founded around 3,100 BC, Memphis is the legendary city of Menes, the king who united Upper and Lower Egypt. Continue to Sakkara, the most ancient burial ground in Egypt. It is situated on a desert plateau crowned by Zoser step pyramid and its funerary complex including temples and tombs. It is the most ancient stone building in the world. Take a trip to the pyramid of Unas, the Serapeum and Mastabas, also known as the tombs of Nobles. The most famous of which is the tomb of Ptah Hotep, the tomb of Kagemni and the tomb of Mereruka.

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