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Good Manners and Virtues for children, teens, p...
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Good Manners... is recommended both as a reference book and a practical manual for kindergartens, schools from the entire education system, teachers, professionals in any field, and everyone interested in the fascinating world of good manners and beautiful behavioral values. This guide is not a simple review of good manners, but also a passionate trip into the world of beautiful traditions of ancient and medieval times up to our contemporary societies, while impressing the reader with their evolution in time and their impact on evolving human societies.On the pages of this book one could find it all - starting with the impressive advice of Ptah-Hotep, written in the ancient Egypt between the years 2500-2400 B.C. and finishing with modern Christian morals. The author professionally asserts the idea that the art of good manners is about enjoying life, while profiting with serenity and respect from the joys of interacting with others.Moreover, it is about feeling good at home, in school, in society - while making others feel good as well.To prove more useful, there are separate compartments in the book after each chapter, named Ancient wisdom, It's good to know...

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